Positive Luxury meets…
Alexandra Soveral

Featured on the beauty pages of your favourite glossy magazines, Alexandra Soveral’s natural skincare products are in-demand by top beauty editors and experts.

The hand-blended products combine cutting-edge science and traditional artisanal techniques to create beautiful skincare with sustainability at its heart.  

We caught up with Alexandra to find out more about the business and her opinions on the beauty industry…



Where did the inspiration for starting your own beauty and skincare brand begin?

The inspiration for Alexandra Soveral was a combination of a few things. I have always been interested in making skincare products, as a teenager I used to make honey and yogurt masks and salt & oil scrubs.

Then, for my university degree, I explored Philosophy of Science and became very concerned with the way science is being used for commercial purposes with a great disregard towards our health as well as the environment. 

At this time, my co-founder Jorj Aleem was also wanting to create something that went along with his core values. Creating Soveral was the outcome of it all coming together.


What has been your proudest moment since starting Alexandra Soveral?

Right at the very beginning I got a four-page letter from a mother saying thank you for helping her child who had very bad eczema and hadn’t had a good night sleep for years. I made a simple oil with chamomile, lavender and castor oil and it helped immensely, giving the child and therefore the whole family a good night’s rest.

I felt incredibly proud and I knew then I was on the right path. I’m very grateful to that mother who took the time to write and give me the confidence that I needed to carry on.




The beauty industry has grown hugely over the past few years – what do you think prompted this growth?

I think it has been a natural progression since man has learned to mass-produce synthetic cosmetics, profit margins are huge.  Clever marketing and advertising campaigns then create the need to have such cosmetics. It’s time we realise we are being exploited and decide to treat our skin to something that is good for it, such as natural

It’s time we realise we are being exploited and decide to treat our skin to something that is good for it, such as natural skincare.


If you could change one thing about the beauty industry what would it be?

So many things that it’s impossible to pick just one… but as a whole, I would like it to be more honest about what products actually do and what they are made from.




What’s your top skincare tip?

Keep skin hydrated from the inside and the outside.  Use a good plant-based oil under your moisturiser, if your skin can’t take oil, then use a serum.


What would be your desert island beauty essential?

It would have to be Angel Balm. It can be used for just about anything, cleanser, moisturiser, lip balm, mask, after sun, hair & cuticle softener, etc.  Also, the rose geranium smell would keep me happy!





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