Little Luxuries for You and Your Child

When it comes to motherhood, there are so many essentials that you need to buy, it can be easy to forget about treating yourself now and again.

We’ve pulled together our wish list of luxuries for you and your child that will enhance your wellbeing and bring joy to your everyday. Chosen from our community of #brandstotrust you can shop with confidence knowing these brands are giving back to people and the planet. 

Bump & You

When you’re expecting it’s the little things that can help make you feel more like yourself. Choose natural fibres for clothing and bedding to help stay cool and opt for organic beauty products that keep your skin nourished and reduce stretch marks, while being safe for baby too. 

Picture Credit: Instagram/@stylish_bump

Picture Credit: Instagram/@stylish_bump


Neal’s Yard Remedies
Mother’s Balm

Sleeveless Top – Breeze

Alexandra Soveral
Nourishing Oil

Robe de Voyage
Zanzibar Short Robe

Virginia Stone
Eyes for Jasari

Peasy Tan Shoe Slipper

Penrose Products
Organic Alpaca Duvet

Maternity Underbump Mini

Seascape Island Apothecary
Unwind Body Lotion

Baby & You

When all your focus is on your new baby, try not to forget a little something for yourself too. Supersoft underwear keeps you feeling comfortable, while a little swipe of bronzer or some sunnies to hide tired eyes will have you feeling ready to face the world in no time.

Picture Credit: Instagram/@mamawatters

Picture Credit: Instagram/@mamawatters


Top to Toes Baby Gift Set

Baby Grow

Nursing Bra

Age of Reason Studios
Coral Sky Silk Scarf

Neal’s Yard Remedies 
Organic Baby Powder

Uruku Bronzer

Seascape Island Apothecary
Les Petits Bath Foam

Club Sunglasses Beech

Glass Baby Bottles

Child & You

Now the fun really starts! A roomy tote bag is an essential for any mum of young kids, perfect for hauling around those everyday essentials, from travel games to sweet treats. For sticky fingers, try a hand soap that is packed with natural ingredients, suitable for little and grown-up hands alike. 

Instagrammer @bleubird

Picture Credit: Instagram/@bleubird


Sherlock Shirt

Jumbo Kawan

Travel Backgammon Board

Organic Honeycomb Crunch

Lisa Franklin
Pro Effect Luminiscent Base

Girls T-Shirt with Technical Print

Elvis & Kresse
Tote Bag

Colouring Book

Coriander Liquid Hand Soap


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