Don’t Overwash: The Care Label Project

Fast fashion mindsets and outdated clothing care habits mean 90% of our clothes are thrown away before they need to be. A surprising statistic that demonstrates we really aren’t getting the most out of our wardrobes.

In keeping with our mission to help you buy better, Positive Luxury is partnering with appliance manufacturer AEG on the Care Label Project. This initiative aims to help you understand your clothes and make confident decisions about how to care for them. 

The project includes the introduction of a new care label – Don’t Overwash. This symbol acts as a reminder that often our outdated laundry habits can cause damage to clothing and looking after them right can keep us loving them for longer. Read our recent blog post to find out more clothing care tips!


Here are a few brands to look out for that are bearing the new Don’t Overwash care label;


Umran Aysan

Designed with consideration and ethically made, the clothing from Umran Aysan provides an antidote to fast fashion culture. Specialising in resortwear, Umran Aysan collaborates with craftsman across the globe to add beautiful detailing, such as handmade lace and crochet to the clothing collections.  




O! Waste

Each outfit from innovative brand O! Waste is designed from a single metre of fabric to minimise textile waste during manufacturing. The contemporary designs are carefully constructed by Danish tailors to use all the fabric and result in a zero waste process.

AEG_nov16159696 1 designer O Waste


Blackhorse Lane Ateliers

Launched in Spring 2016, Blackhorse Lane Ateliers was the first denim factory to manufacturer in London for 40 years. Its vision to create a sustainable, ethical and transparent force is epitomised by its commitment to quality and a “think global, act local” approach to fashion.

AEG_nov16159405 desinger Han Ates, Blackhorse Lane Ateliers


John Smedley

The John Smedley factory can still be found in Derbyshire, where it began over 230 years ago. The brand only uses the finest materials – from Sea Island Cotton to Merino wool – to create timeless knitwear pieces that uphold its history and commitment to quality.

 AEG_nov17160268 designer John Smedley


Tim Labenda

Tim Labenda’s love of wool is infused throughout his womenswear collections, focussing on a contemporary interpretation of this traditional material. His designs incorporate classic tailoring and masculine touches, while maintaining a femininity that appeals to independent and modern women.

AEG_nov17160637 1 designer Tim Ladenda

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