Brittany Bathgate Q&A: Talking blogging and personal style

Known for her Scandi-inspired style, Brittany Bathgate has amassed a loyal following who share her minimalist approach to style. We caught up with Brittany to find out more about her personal style and what she looks for in a luxury fashion piece. 

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What inspired you to start blogging?

Several things inspired me to start blogging. Instagram played a significant role in the birth of the blog.

I had always wanted to take that leap into blogging, but by 2015, you can imagine the market was already highly oversaturated, and I was very conscious about getting lost in it all but with my growing following on Instagram, the blog just inevitably happened as a natural extension of the Instagram feed.

The blog began at an unsatisfied stage in my life: my job wasn’t fulfilling me, I was missing the life I previously had in Australia, and I didn’t have anyone to share my love for clothes with.

The blog was an outlet for me, a place for me to feel creative again, meet new friends, learn new skills and share with others my love for all things style related.


How would you describe your personal style?

A mix of contemporary and classic. I like basic, comfortable styles and clean lines. 


If you could change one thing about the fashion industry, what would it be?

In today’s fashion and the retail world, it easy to feel overwhelmed by choice and confused about where things are manufactured, who makes them and how much they cost.

I’ve noticed a small portion of brands are starting to be more open and vocal about where their clothes and under what conditions, some of which base their entire brand around communicating this.

Transparency can help change our shopping habits, knowing what/who/where our money is supporting can enable us to make informed choices while shopping.


What qualities do you look for when buying a new luxury piece? 

Versatility is key when investing in a luxury piece.

If it works with at least five other items already in my wardrobe and can be worn season after season, I know it won’t be a one hit wonder left in the closet unworn.

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What is a personal luxury that you couldn’t live without?

High Speed Internet. Sad but true, what would bloggers do without it!?


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