Pandora Sykes Q&A: Talking fashion love and career achievements

Previously holding the coveted title of Fashion Features Editor at the Sunday Times Style, Pandora Sykes now works as a freelance journalist writing about fashion, culture, travel and everything in between. 

Known for her playful approach to fashion that mixes vintage and luxury pieces, we spoke to Pandora to find out how her love of fashion began and what luxuries she couldn’t live without. 


Pandora Sykes. Photo Credit: Frances Davison

How did your love of fashion begin? 

It was an unconscious thing. I’ve always loved clothes and playing around with my wardrobe, often late at night. In the same way, I liked to move my bedroom furniture around, even when I tiny – but it didn’t necessarily translate in my head as a job in fashion until I was two internships down, in my twenties.

That said, my mother remembers me adjusting my pyjamas in the mirror aged 4. And as a teenager, I always entered the Vogue writing competition. 

How would you describe your personal style? 

Eclectic yet specific. And actually, more classic than a lot of people realise! I love the seventies. And the sixties silhouette – a polo neck and a mini skirt – suits me well as I am petite.

I love the seventies. And the sixties silhouette – a polo neck and a mini skirt. I’m petite so it’s a style that suits me well. 


Pandora Sykes. Image Credit: Frances Davison for ManRepeller

You’ve had some fantastic achievements throughout your career so far – of which are you most proud? 

Honestly, it’s probably not fashion-related. I wrote a piece about anxiety which got the biggest response of everything I have ever written.

And I am really proud of the pop culture podcast Dolly Alderton and I have created – first as Pandolly, under The Sunday Times umbrella and now, independently, with The High Low. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

Be the best at you, not anyone else.


Pandora Sykes. Image Credit: Frances Davison

What are your favourite Positive Luxury brands? 

Loewe – Jonathan Anderson is undeniably a young genius in the industry. And Soneva Fushi – because a girl can dream!

What luxury item could you not live without? 

My Celine Rodeo boots. I wear them all the time; the hint of gold metal detail cheers even the plainest outfit of Levi’s and t-shirt.


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