Unconventional Destinations:
The New Luxury Travel Spots Topping Our Wishlist

It’s time to rethink your next holiday destination. In recent years, the travel industry has opened up a variety of far-flung and difficult-to-reach places across the globe.

We’ve picked out five unexpected destinations that are now home to luxury resorts that will have you packing your suitcase in no time.



Song Saa Private Island

Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

Cambodia is a recently discovered treasure of the luxury traveller. Not yet as tourist-orientated as its neighbouring Thailand, Cambodia is the ultimate exotic getaway for a relaxing retreat. It’s stunning palm-fringed beaches and famously welcoming people make it a holiday destination that you’ll be longing to return to.

The award-winning Song Saa Private Island is the perfect place for your first visit to this idyllic location. The resort embeds sustainability into the heart of its business – buildings are made from local materials and built with local hands.  

Secluded villas provide a private sanctuary for calm relaxation, while sunset cruises and diving adventures allow you to explore this incredible natural setting. Come evening enjoy carefully curated meals made with locally-sourced ingredients, from seasonal vegetables to the freshest coconuts you’re likely to find.




Mashpi Lodge Hotel

Mashpi Lodge Hotel

Alongside miles of gorgeous beaches and the famous Galapagos Islands, Ecuador is home to some of the last remaining coastal tropical rain forests in the world. A once in a lifetime experience, these destinations must be visited with care and respect to maintain the biodiversity of the areas and preserve them for future generations.

Mashpi Private Reserve in Ecuadorian Chocó is an ideal gateway for your visit, offering a unique experience to step into this breath-taking landscape. Its in-house team of naturalists and scientists are on-hand to offer guided hikes and fascinating talks of the wonders of the rainforest – from newly-discovered plant varieties to over 500 species of birds that flutter through the trees.

The Mashpi Lodge is designed to have as little impact its surroundings as possible, allowing exploration without damaging intervention. Built with the latest sustainable construction techniques, with floor-to-ceiling panoramic glass walls offering a true window on the natural world.  


Ras Al Khaimah


Al Wadi Desert Hotel, Ras Al Khaimah

Dubai has long been a destination for the luxury traveller, yet its nearby Ras Al Khaimah region is still relatively undiscovered, perfect for those seeking a quieter escape.  

Nestled at the foot of the majestic Al Hajar Mountains, the landscape is filled with vast swathes of sandy desert, sweeping sand dunes and a beautiful coastline of golden beaches.

Elegant Resorts’ Al Wadi Desert Hotel provides an ideal base for your visit. Villas are inspired by the traditional tented abodes of local nomadic tribes, each with its own private pool and incredible desert views. The resort balances tranquillity and adventure, offering opportunities to explore the surrounding private nature reserve or experience a sailing trip down the river.



Peru; Machu Picchu,

Machu Picchu, Peru. Image Credit: Aracari Travel

Peru is home to a wide range of landscapes and scenery, each offering insight into its ancient and cultural history. Although more direct flights have been introduced in recent years, the country remains relatively inaccessible so we’d suggest you opt for an organised tour that can offer you specialist knowledge of the region.

Aracari has designed luxury, sustainable trips to Peru for twenty years, providing first-hand knowledge to craft the ideal itinerary whether you want to explore the main highlights or venture through lesser-trodden paths.

The world-renowned Machu Picchu is, of course, a must-see for any traveller, along with a visit to its buzzing capital of Lima to experience the rich culture and world-class food that is making Peru a destination that is not to be missed.





Casa San Agustin, Colombia. Image Credit: Amakuna


Colombia is shaking off its previously negative connotations to become a desired destination for luxury travellers looking to explore its remote wildlife and salsa the night away in its vibrant cities.

Amakuna is a leading specialist for luxury travel in the region and can compile a bespoke trip that takes you on an authentic journey to discover the secrets of this diverse country.

Highlights of Colombia include visiting the picture-postcard coffee region and history-rich colonial towns. An unforgettable adventure you’ll be astounded by the diversity of the country and the warm welcome you receive from the local people.


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Sophie Corfan