Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2017: What You Need to Know

The Copenhagen Fashion Summit brings together leading figures in fashion and sustainability to discuss the future of the industry. Positive Luxury Co-Founder and CEO Diana Verde Nieto was in Copenhagen this year to join the conversation encouraging brands and retailers to do better.

Here’s her round-up of what you need to know from this forward-thinking event;


Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2017.

Brands Are Getting Political

It used to be that governments led and business followed, now I’m pleased to see many brands are increasingly treading new paths and leading the way towards a sustainable future – particularly as many governments drag their heels on this issue.

For example, a recent advert from Tiffany & Co. in The New York Times urged Donald Trump to uphold the Paris Climate Agreement. During the summit Michael Kowalski, Tiffany & Co’s interim chief executive explained: “If you are a company that is committed or even claims to be committed to responsible behaviour, I think you have no option but to speak up and to act,”.

As customers, if you’re buying from a brand, don’t be afraid to ask what they stand for and what impact they are making on people and planet. I founded Positive Luxury on the belief that customers should have opportunities to know more about the brands from whom they buy and be able to shop according to their values.


The Circular Economy Could be Closer Than You Think

If you’ve not heard of it before, the circular economy proposes that to create a sustainable consumption model materials should be recovered from unwanted products to create new items that have a lesser impact.

It was the key topic of conversation during this year’s Copenhagen Fashion Summit, pushing an idea that has often been thought of as a little idealistic into a tangible reality.

During the event, several leading companies, including H&M and Kering, pledged their commitment to defining their own circular strategy and setting targets for 2020. Keep an eye out for how these plans develop and expect to see the elevation of recycled materials as more brands engage with these sustainable resources.


Buying Better Means Choosing Carefully

Recycling and re-use of materials are not the only part of creating a more sustainable fashion industry. Many speakers were keen to highlight the importance of moving away from the fast fashion model that dominates our high streets.  

Since our beginnings, Positive Luxury has championed the notion of buying better – choosing items that you love from brands that you can trust are having a positive impact on people and planet.

Investing in quality over fast fashion means that your clothes last longer – better for your bank balance and your wardrobe! Taking a considered approach to shopping and only buying what you love can help you define your own personal style and ensure you’re buying timeless pieces that you’ll love for years to come.  

As we like to say at Positive Luxury – keep it classic, keep it conscious.


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