Anneli Bush Q&A: Talking Blogging, European Style and Personal Luxuries

Raised in Scandinavia and educated in Barcelona, fashion and lifestyle blogger Anneli Bush worked in the fashion industry for over four years before turning her blog into a full-time career. Now based in London, her blog showcases her fashion and beauty favourites, alongside travel adventures.

We caught up with Anneli to find out why she loves blogging and how living in different places has affected her personal style. (Instagram: @annelibush)





When and where did your love of fashion begin?

I grew up with a lot of clothes and fashion around me, as my mum is a dress maker. From a very early age, I also loved sketching my own designs, which my mum would make for me. As I got older, I would go to flea markets and second hand shops, which she would then customise, change and fit them into the way I wanted them.

We were a great team, and I already started at 7-8 years old! I was always very bold with my fashions back in the day, and albeit I am much more minimal and safe in my style now, I still have a soft spot and burning desire to start my own fashion line. Someday, perhaps… 


How would you describe your personal style?

Growing up in Scandinavia, having travelled around the world and lived in Australia, Barcelona and now London – has definitely shaped my style. As I mentioned above, I have a soft spot for bold, vintage and rare designs – but I won´t necessarily wear it so much, more so just appreciate it.

My day-to-day style is minimal and classic – with a feminine, and sometimes bohemian edge. It also depends on seasons; during the summer, my colourful side appears – and during autumn and winter, I hibernate with layers of texture and a more tonal colour palette. 




You’ve lived in several countries across Europe – how do you think style and fashion differs between the places you’ve lived? 

Although Barcelona was the most colourful and crazy out of all the places I have lived – I find that London is where I have really found my own style.

Whilst living in Norway, my style was too minimal, too clean – and having now lived in London for nearly 8 years – where any style goes and all rules are banished – I have really come into my own. 


What qualities do you look for when buying a new luxury piece? 

The quality of the piece has to be classic, with a real sense of longevity which will last for years to come. And when we are talking about a leather accessory, such as shoes or a bag – it has to be in a relatively neutral colour, in either black, nude, navy or red, and of course, the quality of the piece, has to be outstanding. 




What’s your favourite thing about blogging and social media? 

My readers are my number one – and are the reason for why I am here today. And the people I get to spend time with on the way; I have met some amazing fellow bloggers and made friendships to last during the past 5 years.

Not to mention all the incredible travelling and experiences I have done with the blogging – last year´s trip to Maldives, L.A and New York, are both massive highlights. 


What is your favourite Positive Luxury brand?

Louis Vuitton epitomises all things classic luxury – and you know you will never go wrong in investing in any LV piece; be it a bag, suitcase or clothing. When it comes to beauty, I am very much into natural skincare – so Elemental Herbology is certainly one of my favourites. 




What is a personal luxury that you couldn’t live without?

My number one personal luxury, is being able to travel and experience the world alongside my husband, and being fortunate enough to stay in beautiful accommodation on the way – from rustic and bohemian, to breathtaking and luxurious. 


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