The Daily Habits That Will Improve Your Everyday

Busy lifestyles and packed diaries can sometimes feel overwhelming. Adding in a few positive habits everyday can boost your wellbeing, keeping you on top of the small stuff to make room for what really matters.

We asked a few of our favourite bloggers what daily habits they embed into their lives to improve their everyday and help them live a more positive life.  


“Keep it neat” says Marie Kondo


Our physical environments have a significant impact on the quality of our thinking. For instance, when I am surrounded by clutter, my attention becomes split among various unfinished projects, and my focus shifts from the task at hand to others that I am reminded of in the moment. 

Therefore, to maximize my mental energy and limited time, I follow two tidying norms in my home. The first is to establish a permanent place for each one of my belongings.  Often, clutter develops when items do not have a defined location to be stored.

The second rule that I follow is to return items to their designated places once I have finished using them. This way, I do not allow clutter to develop and I am able to feel a sense of completion at the end of each task.

Marie Kondo is best known as the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, transforming lives through creating clutter-free home.


“Get outside” says Poppy Cross


I believe it’s important to get out and enjoy nature every day, even if for just a few moments. To be connected to an environment that’s bursting with life – it always makes me feel so grateful for everything our world has to offer, whilst reminding me of what’s really important in life. 

There are numerous scientific studies on the benefits of nature. Being in nature can help to decrease stress levels, improve short-term memory, reduce mental fatigue, reduce inflammation and boost a positive mood.  

Living in a fast-paced city like London and being so connected 24/7 to the digital world, I feel we need nature’s medicine more than ever. 

Poppy Cross is a personal trainer and fitness blogger who recently published a book of describing her own 12-week fitness plan.   


“Write it down and take a break” says Nataly Elbaz Björklund


I like to take 5 minutes every morning to sit down and write. It can be anything from the grocery list, to an idea that came to me when I woke up, to a project that I am working on. I find that taking those 5 minutes, first thing in the morning, helps me gather my thoughts and get my creativity flowing for the rest of the day.

I love listening to audio books and when I feel that I am getting antsy and need a break from work I put on an audio book for 5 to 10 minutes and do simple house chores like washing dishes or putting on laundry. It helps clear the head and also keeps the dishes in check!

Nataly Elbaz Björkland is an ethical fashion and lifestyle blogger sharing her journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.


“Make time each morning” says Sass Brown


At the beginning of every workday, I find a pretty, quiet spot where I can look onto nature of some sort, preferably outside, or if it’s too cold it might be at a large window looking out at greenery or the sky, and I sit with my cup of tea and take a few minutes to contemplate the wonder of the world.

I don’t let work or other people into that reflective space, its mine. Sometimes it’s just reminding myself that the Universe is infinitely creative, and no matter what I am struggling with, there will be a way of turning it into something positive. Sometimes it’s just contemplating little daily miracles, the wonder of a flower, the sound of birdsong, the colour of the sky.

It sounds all very esoteric and new age I know, but ultimately its just 5 minutes of my day spent reminding myself that I am part of something bigger, I have value and beauty and wonder all my own, not matter what else is going on around me.

Sass Brown is an ethical fashion activist and the author behind the Eco Fashion Talk blog.


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