Sophia Barrese Q&A: Instagram Likes and Dislikes

Sophia Barrese, better known as Sophia Rosemary, actually started her life as an influencer on Instagram before starting her own blog. We love her cute, vintage-inspired style, shot against an urban backdrop of her home of Manchester. 

We chatted to Sophia to find out about more about her personal style and why she loves Instagram! 


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How would you describe your personal style? 

I generally keep my dress sense quite relaxed and simple, choosing classic looks such as a striped top and a good pair of stone wash jeans.

I’m massively inspired by the sixties and seventies and I guess that comes through a lot in my personal style. Day to day though I’m definitely a bit of a Tomboy with dungarees being my go to item of a clothing!


Your blog actually came second to your Instagram, did you make a conscious choice to grow a following on Instagram or did it happen naturally? 

It happened very naturally! I always say Instagram is like the lazy bloggers’ platform, it allows you to have a creative output, talk about your style and what inspires you with very little effort.

I got to a point where I realised I’d grown a relatively good following and I felt restricted by what I could say on Instagram, which is why I went on to create my little blog.




What’s your favourite thing about Instagram? 

It allows everyday, “normal” women to inspire one another and lets young girls have obtainable aspirations by finding role models in “real” women rather than models in a glossy magazine or “celebrity culture”. Plus, it reminds me to actually take photos of great moments!

…and your least favourite?

On the other hand, Instagram can often make us really self-critical and far too easy for us to start comparing our lives with other peoples. It can be really unhealthy to start wanting someone else’s live from the “snapshot” of it, that they allow you to see. 


You live in Manchester, what do you love about your city and what highlights would you recommend to visitors? 

There’s such a great vibe in Manchester, it kind of just does what it wants and the same goes for its style! I love walking around Manchester and looking up… some of the buildings are so beautiful and they pass you by because they’re hidden away, high above all the shops.

I would definitely recommend drinks in the Northern Quarter, a gig at Albert Hall and breakfast at Koffee Pot.


What is your favourite Positive Luxury brand? 

I love Camilla Elphick, her shoes are pretty, wearable and fun!


What is a personal luxury that you couldn’t live without? 

I’m always willing to pay a fair bit for my skincare routine and a great foundation.

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