Top Tips for Boosting Beauty from the Inside Out

We’ve all heard the phrase that beauty is more than skin deep. But when building a beauty routine, it’s easy to reach for the latest miracle-in-a-bottle product while forgetting that the most potent beauty remedies come from within, rather than via topical treatments.

Focusing on creating a healthy body and a healthy mind will pay beauty dividends, both now and in the future. Here’s our top tips for boosting your inner glow reserves.




1 – Drink More Water

The oldest and also the best tip in the book. Your skin is about 64% water, and if it doesn’t have enough of it, it shows. Hydrated skin is firmer, softer and far less likely to get spotty or inflamed.

If you find it hard to remember to drink enough, set a water bottle infused with some lemon, mint or fruit slices by your bed and desk at work and you’ll soon start reaching for it without thinking.




2 – Reboot Your Refrigerator

A healthy diet means your skin is getting fed the vitamins and minerals it needs. This doesn’t mean tough diets: undereating or restricting foods can damage your skin, too.

Stock up on food rich in natural, healthy fats – think avocados and nuts, and sensible amounts of butters and olive oil – for glossy hair and well-nourished skin. Plenty of unprocessed, home cooked fruit-and-veg-rich meals will provide your skin with glow-giving nutrients, too. 



3 – Bank More Hours in Bed

Most of us can burn the candle at both ends once or twice and get away with it, but a long-term lack of sleep shows up in the body though puffy eyes, aching limbs, and dull skin.

Skin cell repair doubles in speed at night, the time when your body gets most of its recovery work done. If you’re struggling to catch enough shut eye, try rolling ‘lullaby in a bottle’ Seascape Island Apothecary Soothe Oil on your pulse points at bedtime.



4 – Spike Your Diet with Supplements

If, despite your best efforts, you’re still clocking out of work late and finding it hard to find time to think, let alone cook healthy meals, supplements can help.

Products like Lumity can offer a cocktail of skin goodies like zinc, magnesium and vitamin C to boost skin strength and luminosity. Make sure to take supplements with something to eat and water to aid absorption.



5 – Look After Your Mind

There’s a reason people glow on holiday – they’re relaxed. Stress makes itself known on your skin in a myriad of ways, from acne to eczema.

Consider a retreat like Restival for an intense break from the norm that will help you free your mind. Or if your next break feels like a long way away, download an app like Headspace to introduce some calm and positive thinking into your every day. 

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