Outdoor Entertaining: Summer Party Inspiration

Whether you have an expansive garden, a cute courtyard, or even just a balcony, entertaining outdoors is a prerequisite for summer fun. We’ve picked out a few key pieces from our brands to trust that will help you get in the party spirit.


Styling Your Space

Hopefully your outdoor area will already be overflowing with beautiful flowers and greenery, so skip decoration and consider how the useful can be beautiful by choosing home accessories that add a touch of luxury to your natural surroundings.

Make sure you have plenty of glassware at the ready – we love coloured crystal for a fun, picnic vibe – while napkins with cute embroidered details are the perfect accompaniment to a casual buffet or canapé selection.

Top tip: Bring the indoors out with some comfortable cushions or fur rugs that can provide adhoc and relaxed seating for your guests.  


Rachel Bates
Jug – Hare/Amethyst

Rachel Bates
Botanical Candle – Mini Set

Alexandra Llewellyn Design
Peacock Blue

Alpaca Plush
Hua Alpaca Fur Rug

Woven Table Top Set

Maki Napkin Set

Rachel Bates
Large Peacock Cake Stand – Emerald

Orange Peacock Cushion

Rachel Bates
Crystalware Set – Duck/Peacock

Dressing Up

As a host, it can be tempting to dress to the nines, but a relaxed yet chic look will have you feeling more comfortable in the heat, particularly if you’re rushing around ensuring everyone has a drink!

We love this co-ordinated shirt and short look – sophisticated yet flirty, the indigo batik pattern is sure to turn heads and will look beautiful against a garden backdrop. Pair it with some metallic flats and you’ll be mingling and dancing till dawn.

Top tip: Keep jewellery minimal if your outfit features a lot of pattern or detail. Try stacking a few delicate bracelets on the same wrist for a subtle way to add a hint of sparkle.


Butterstick Lip Treatment – Simply Rose

Classic Button Down Shirt

Forevermark Setting Circlet Drop Earrings

Tiny Fairytales Bracelet

Draped Short

Sillons Ring – Pink Gold

Favo One Diamond Pavé Slider Bracelet

Camilla Elphick
Lover Flats – Silver

Jardin de Vie – Rose

What to Serve

Rather than attempting to create an entire bar in your home, we recommend stocking up on a few key tipples and then varying the flavours through different mixers or garnishes.

If you’re in need of inspiration, visit Belvedere Vodka’s website for a variety of cocktail recipes, which look impressive and taste delicious, yet are simple enough to create at home.

Top tip: Don’t feel like you have to make all the drinks. Set up a little cocktail bar and encourage your guests to get create – it adds an entertaining twist to the evening and is a great way to get people talking.

Belvedere Vodka

Veuve Cliquot
Rose Champagne

Quinta Ruban

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