Staying Motivated: How to Mix Up Your Fitness Routine

Switching up your exercise routine will not only prevent you from getting bored, but lets you push your body in different ways to help achieve your fitness goals.  

Whether you’re starting out with exercise or have got tired of your regular routine, here are our top tips for staying motivated.



Ask for Help

Booking in a few sessions with a personal trainer is a great way to get your head back in the game or try out some new exercises. They can help you tailor your routine to your abilities and aims to create a regime that works for you.

After a few initial sessions, you can then work out if you’re brave enough to go it alone, or perhaps book in for a regular time slot every few weeks to help stay on track.


Think Outside the Gym

Once you’ve got a routine you like, think about how you can get out of the gym and mix up the location of where you exercise.

Hop off that treadmill and go for a run in your local area instead, or perhaps take your yoga mat down to the park for a little stretch in the sunshine. Many parks even have outdoor exercise machines so you can incorporate these into your routine too.  




Team Up

Many of us haven’t played a team sport since school days, but they’re a great way to get fit and make new friends in the process.

There are many local teams and leagues you can join – whether you’re a top scorer or want to give a new sport a go. Joining a team is a great way to stay on track too as your competitive spirit and commitment to your teammates will make it harder to skip a session.


Try a Retreat   

If you need an intensive kick-start or refresh to your exercise regime, why not try a fitness retreat? Our brand to trust Wildfitness runs transformative physical courses in wild, stunning locations across the globe – from the island of Zanzibar to upstate New York.

Their philosophy is to help reconnect you to a primal state of health and wellbeing. Their luxury escapes offer physical activities that reconnect you to your body, plus tips on nutrition and mindfulness to help your reach your peak self.   


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Make it Routine

If you struggle to fit a workout into a busy schedule it’s time to think creatively about how you can work in some extra exercise.  

For instance, can you walk to work (either the whole or part way) or perhaps take the stairs in your office building rather than joining the queue for the lift. Over time, these small habit changes can make a big difference! 


Get Social  

If you’re struggling with motivation, why not grab some friends and turn your exercise into a social activity.

Pick out a new class to try and you’ll soon be having so much fun you’ll forget about the hard work you’re doing. If you need an extra incentive, you could always schedule in a healthy post-workout brunch!


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