Cerimani Q&A: Jewellery Inspiration and Making a Positive Impact

Cerimani believes in doing well by doing good. The jewellery brand donates $50 for each item sold to support the Thai communities who make its products.

We spoke to founder Proud Limpongpan to discover the inspiration behind the brand and it’s beautiful jewellery collections.  


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What inspired you to start Cerimani?

A combination of reasons and timing.

I believe many global companies do not give true respect to those who work tirelessly to make the products they sell. While many Thai heritage products are copied, repackaged and sold with very high mark-ups.

These brands may produce in South-East Asia, a fact that is often hidden from the wider world, but the communities these craftsmen come from do not benefit from the skills of their workers. In fact, their techniques are being lost because this industry is being kept out of the public eye. There’s a lack of pride or desire to continue the arts and craft.

I want to change this status quo and make sure that jewellery made in Thailand is held in the highest esteem. It is important that the very people who produce the jewellery get the real feedback and know what the rest of the world thinks of the products and the craft. This sense of pride will ensure that the techniques and skills will always be preserved.

I was also lucky to have come across Susri, Cerimani’s designer, who has worked with major European and Middle Eastern houses in Europe. I love that his reason for working with Cerimani is because he wants to teach the knowledge he has amassed to those less fortunate.


How does your jewellery have a positive impact on people and planet?

Designed and produced in the Kingdom of Thailand, Cerimani is a jewlellery brand aimed at a global market that doesn’t play into well-worn clichés.

A brand that instead balances the fine line between heritage and modernity. A brand that is refined, yet affordable. A brand that gives back as much as it takes, that wants to do well in order to do good.

We want to build a network of vocational schools in the poorest area of Thailand – the northern region that inspires the designs of Cerimani.  To start this journey we have partnered with the Karen Hilltribes Trust to build the infrastructure (e.g. water pipelines) to remote villages.

By funding village by village, we can see the direct impact within a few months of our donation. We worked out that US$50 contributes to a year of one person’s access to water. Hence, we pledge that out of every purchase, no matter what the price of the piece, $50 will always go towards the amount that we will donate to the charity.  




Where does the inspiration for the Cerimani designs come from?

Cerimani is inspired by an east meets west combination of motifs and shapes from the ancient Lanna Kingdom and 1920s NYC Art Deco.

For the first two collections, our designer was inspired by a trip to the natural history museum with his son. A special exhibition revealed that everything around us stems from 120 degrees – from the angle of our DNA, to the molecules that make up water to the lines on a leaf.

In Art Deco, the 120 degrees angle is prominent, whether it be through sharp triangles or straight lines that connect the different points of curves. In the intricacies of motifs of the Lanna Kingdom, the angle is present in weaves.


What is your favourite piece from the current collections?

My favourite piece is our Bolle Gem Star Ring. Made from 80 unique sparkles of semi-precious gemstone, this ring is our star of the show.

This piece can be worn with the tip pointing upwards like a burning flame of freedom, or downwards to extend and elongate your fingers – a true expression of individuality for the wearer.

At the moment, the piece comes in Silver with Swiss Blue Topaz or Gold with Black Spinel. We will be adding more varieties in the future.


Favo One Diamond Pavé Slider Bracelet

Favo XL Necklace

Favo Dual Gem Pavé Earrings

Bollé Cosmos Gem Earrings

Bollé Gem Star Ring

Bollé Triple Egg Diamond Necklace


If you hadn’t founded Cerimani, what do you think you’d be doing instead?

I have experience in consulting and operating portfolio companies of private equity firms, so I think I would probably either be working in some sort of social enterprise or trying to raise a fund that invests in social enterprises.

There’s been a rise in genuine interest from investors around the world to fund companies that are trying to make a real difference.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Take a 15-year view on what you are learning. Many, many people go into a career path to get to the next cool thing. The value of what you are going to do extends, at least, for 15 years.

Take a 15 year view on the investments that you make – in relationships, knowledge, people etc. This is a unique time to say to yourself, “what do I want to do in 15 years” and work backwards from that.

It’s a bizarre thing to say perhaps but it’s in many respects easier to predict the world 15 years ahead, that 2 years ahead. Where will China be? What about biotechnology? What about inequality? What does this imply is important to you today?




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