Yes, New York Fashion Week Can Be Sustainable

Gabriela Hearst New York Fashion Week

Special Guest Post: Adrielyn Christi, Fashion Editor at Trend Prive Magazine

Fashion is a big part of life. In a world of fast-paced consumers, we get an enormous amount of fashion-related information thrown at us on a daily basis. Some of us are overwhelmed and still try to figure out the best and smartest way to spend money.

New York Fashion Week is here, and it’s our chance to learn how to spend responsibly, how to make our wardrobe better and longer lasting, how to mix the colors of the future season, and which fashion brands are worthy of an investment.

The first step to figuring out which companies are worthy of an investment is knowing which created with sustainability in mind. It’s surprising to see how few designers presenting at New York Fashion Week make an effort to use sustainable, cruelty-free or ethical practices – at least publicly. These are Trend Prive‘s top picks for designers that are helping make a change in the fashion industry, while also maintaining a luxurious style.

gabriela hearst

Gabriela Hearst

Brand to trust Gabriela Hearst’s mission is to create a strong and modern collection without compromising her ethics and key values, taking into consideration where materials come from and who is making them. It’s luxury with a conscience or, in other words, “honest luxury.”

Each garment is made with impeccable construction and uncompromising, noble materials. Together, they tell a story of the places that made her who she is: Uruguay and New York. Combining the utilitarian and the beautiful, she designs long-lasting garments that hold memories for the woman who wears them. She is a real woman, alluring and powerful, but there is much action in her life and these clothes are her uniform, her armour.

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Gabriela Hearst is not the only designer answering the call for a more sustainable industry; here are a few of our favourites seen at New York Fashion Week…

Gabriela Hearst New York Fashion Week


With its promise to promote long-term, sustainable growth opportunities in Africa, Edun supports green infrastructure, manufacturers, and community building initiatives. In respect of its mission to source production and encourage trade in Africa, Edun mixes its modern designer vision with the richness and positivity of this fast-growing continent.

Mara Hoffman

Historically known for her signature prints and silhouettes, Hoffman’s compass today points toward simpler pieces that highlight powerful feminine aesthetics. Her manufacturing practices are focused on using eco-conscious and sustainable materials such as ECONYL®, which is 100% regenerated nylon fiber made from fishnets and other nylon waste. 

New York Fashion Week - Ohlin D


ÖHLIN/D supports being part of a socially and environmentally conscious market by placing emphasis on sourcing high-quality materials from vendors that adhere to positive environmental and animal cruelty-free standards.


Monzlapur is a New York-based women’s ready-to-wear line celebrating femininity, androgyny and attention to detail. Founded in 2015 by Mona Hamid, a biochemistry graduate who had undergone a fashion designer metamorphism, Monzlapur does everything to ensure minimal production waste, keeping practice local in NYC’s Garment District.

Edun New York Fashion Week

Collina Strada

Collina Strada has presented six collections at New York Fashion Week with Milk-Made and Pier 59 Studios featuring themes such as genderless fashion; a Black Lives Matter Movement cast presentation and a Terraform Mars show with an anti-Trump casting statement. “We are in a crucial state of change right now and the more we [do, the more we] can impact others to take action.”


Based in New York City, NOT is a womenswear brand for the actively curious. Not only does designer Jenny Lai use end-stock fabric for her designs, she also tailors production to customer demand and is a great example and voice in the sustainable fashion industry.

The key to sustainability is its durability and purpose. Sustainable garments are built to last, both physically and style-wise, and most of all, they answer our question on how to best spend our money.

Not New York Fashion Week

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