Secret Productivity Tips for Your 24 Hour Day

Positive Luxury Blog Secret Productivity Tips

If you’re feeling swamped with work demands – before you even begin to think about your personal life – you’re not alone. We live in a culture that celebrates busyness rather than considered, thought-through working, and ironically success and productivity often take a hit as a result.

Managing your day more effectively isn’t just a win for your own health and happiness: it’s a must for getting you noticed in the boardroom too. According to research by consultants Bain & Company, an employee who feels inspired at work is nearly 125% more productive than a merely satisfied one.

Read on for our tips to make your workday AM to PM that little bit faster, easier and more enjoyable…

Positive Luxury Blog Secret Productivity Tips

Eat that frog

Or in other words, do the thing you’re dreading first. A phrase coined by business expert and author Brian Tracy, it means tackling your most daunting task (an awkward email, a tricky client) as the first thing you do in the morning, rather than procrastinating. Completing it gives an instant sense of achievement, while freeing you up to focus on better things for the rest of the day.


One thing at a time

Multi-tasking is often lauded as a skill. Yet hours can be eaten up by flipping between different jobs, browser tabs, e-mails, and demands – without actually getting any of your tasks completed. Focus on one task, ignore everything else, and set an allotted time to check your inbox, not looking at it until then. Doing one thing at a time, and doing it well, can make your to-do list shrink faster.

Positive Luxury Secret Productivity Tips To Do List


Find the light

Humans are just like any other living thing: we need good light to function properly. Light up your workspace with a slick design from Anglepoise, or throw up the blinds for some natural light. Not only will natural light brighten your mood, it can improve your alertness. If you can’t work by a window, make sure you get a ten-minute blast of daylight in between meetings or take a stroll on your lunch hour. The combination of fresh air and a vitamin D hit can work wonders for your productivity. 

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Stressing late at night about the whereabouts of your meeting notes, laptop, and your general sanity is no way to live. Organising everything you need for the morning is a practical way to prepare physically and mentally for a productive day ahead. For ultimate work-luxe stow your tablet, files and paperwork in a hard-working member of the port-hued Passavant and Lee portfolio collection, and have business cards at the ready thanks to Mayshad Paris. Finally, note down any to-do’s ready for the work day so they needn’t interrupt your evening.

Positive Luxury Blog Secret Productivity Tips Passavant and Lee Port Set


Freshen up

If you’re chained to your desk, keep it clean and add things around you that make you feel good. Stylish stationary is the perfect way to boost both your focus and your mood; never go anywhere without the ultimate sustainable notebook from Elvis & Kresse. Same goes for you: a refreshing spritz of a facial mist, like Aveda’s peppermint and white oak-infused spray, will freshen up your face and add a quick shot of glow-reviving hydration.

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