Ways To Wellbeing

Positive Luxury Blog Ways To Wellbeing

Long days, hectic schedules and high-stress environments can all contribute to a feeling that life is more than a little out of balance. Ever-popular healthy living trends are clear indicators of us seeking ways to improve our overall wellbeing. But what does it take to find that zen-like feeling of wellbeing? Look to our key cornerstones for an active approach to tending to your body and mind, and start taking control of your own path to happiness.

Positive Luxury Blog Ways To Wellbeing


Be Active

We all know it deep down, but exercise is a must for both physical and mental health. From improving body composition and helping prevent injury, to the release of mood-boosting endorphins, the benefits of exercise are endless. Even better, just 30 minutes a day can be enough to help reap those deserved rewards. Take the ‘work’ out of working out by finding something you love to do. Nothing beats the great outdoors, and nobody does outdoor fitness like brand to trust Wildfitness. With principles of movement, playfulness and reconnection with nature at the core of their philosophy, a weekend or week-long retreat is the perfect alternative to the gym. And of course, nothing is more motivating and confidence-boosting than looking the part; add a little chic to your downward dog with ruffles and colour-blocking from yoga-wear experts No Ka’Oi.

Stretch it out with Wildfitness

Stretch it out with Wildfitness


Be Social

As inherently social beings, social connections matter for our mental wellbeing. It is thought that people with stronger relationships are not only happier, but are healthier and live longer too. So, take some time to nurture those meaningful relationships in your life – social media doesn’t count! Why not rekindle those friendships with a phone-free catch-up? We love having a group pamper night; try Alexandra Soveral’s Transformative Face Mask for an at-home spa-style treat with close friends.

Positive Luxury Blog Ways To Wellbeing


Be Mindful

Fast-paced living often means that taking a moment to appreciate our surroundings can be difficult. Start incorporating some simple mindfulness techniques into your day; things like paying attention to your breathing or practicing gratitudes at the beginning or end of the day are easy to fit into your lifestyle. Part of being mindful is not just the act of mindfulness, but also being aware of your needs. We all need a little self-care at times; your mind and body can’t be constantly exerted without repercussion. Look to 58 Lifestyle’s balancing blends of room sprays and candles to set the mood and cosy up in a Flock By Nature merino wool cardigan for an ultimate de-stress evening.

Positive Luxury Blog Ways To Wellbeing Be Mindful

Balancing Room Mist from 58 Lifestyle


Be Kind

A much-overlooked contributor to your sense of wellbeing, giving back does the soul a world of good. Simple acts of kindness, like giving up your seat on the train or offering a kind word to a colleague, can immediately boost your mood. Look to brands who give back to communities for added altruism in your daily life. Empowering women who have been the victims of sex trafficking, Beulah London is a chic way to invest in fashion with a conscience, while your new favourite piece of jewellery from Cerimani helps fund clean water for villages in the Mae Hong Son province of Thailand. Essentially, if you want to feel good, do good.  

Positive Luxury Ways To Wellbeing Be Kind

The Beulah Trust aims to help women gain skills to create a new life after trafficking


Start utilising these techniques and live your life to the very fullest. Remember that adding wellbeing tactics into your life isn’t a checklist, but a process that takes decided effort and evolves constantly with you. But with dedication, actively pursuing a happy lifestyle can work wonders for your feeling of wellbeing.   

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