In Conversation With Farah Asmar

Positive Luxury In Conversation with Farah Asmar

Farah Asmar, the Jordanian designer behind the eponymous brand, launched her collection of luxury handbags and accessories in 2011. Using sustainably sourced-leathers and materials, her joyfully colourful designs have soon found themselves in the arms of a host of fans. We caught up with the designer herself to find out more…

Positive Luxury In Conversation with Farah Asmar

What inspired you to start designing handbags?

I have been sketching since I was four or five years old. My mother used to collect my drawings knowing I would become a designer one day. Later, I graduated with a BA degree in graphic design and then went on to work in advertising. But it never fulfilled my passion for the fashion world. So I applied and was accepted at Marangoni in London and graduated with a post-grad diploma in Fashion Design; from there I interned with a handbag designer based in London where I developed an eye for this business. 

Your handbags all make a bold statement in bright colours and shapes – why is this element of fun important to you?

Having a multi-coloured and multifunctional bag is important to align with our fast-paced daily life. I try to create pieces that would take you from day-to-night by just adjusting straps or belts or certain detailing.

 Positive Luxury In Conversation with Farah Asmar

Where do you look for inspiration during the design process?

I am inspired by my surroundings, so really it could be music, architecture, travel or even people. Lately, the brand is moving towards being trend-driven whilst still keeping the composed look inspired by travel.

Do you have a particular woman in mind when designing your handbags?

Farah Asmar is for smart women who appreciate the great craftsmanship and are always thirsty for creativity. She leads with her own style, adding a statement piece to her wardrobe that can be effortlessly worn from work to cocktails, and on to dinner.

Which is your favourite bag in the current collection?

I develop the Mini Annabella every season as it is our best seller. I like to add details of colour-block, belt straps, cruelty-free materials, and tassels that match the season’s collection. I’m also proudly in love with the sophistication of the Valerie Mini Bucket Bag. 

Positive Luxury In Conversation with Farah Asmar

The Valerie Mini Bucket Bag in Bordeaux

What’s next for the brand?

We are currently building an exciting community that gathers artists under our umbrella to design for our brand.

What does positive living mean to you?

Positive living is creating awareness through connecting the crowd and building a community that is responsible for the environment, stands for human rights, and offers a positive daily life for us and our new generation. Positive luxury, for me, is crafting an ethical product knowing the craftsmanship behind it are being well treated and working in a positive space to manifest a luxury piece with its own unique story.

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