Brands That Care: Sustainable Development Goals

Today marks the anniversary of the United Nations officially coming into being. To celebrate, we are looking to the brands to trust that work tirelessly to help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. From cleaning up their energy act to helping eliminate poverty and hunger, these are the brands working towards a better, sustainable future…

UN Sustainable Development Goals

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Soneva Resorts

Whether it’s a tranquil Maldivian paradise or exotic Thai getaway that appeals to you, indulge in your luxury escape safe in the knowledge that Soneva has an impressive commitment to looking after our planet. Whether it’s developing resorts using sustainable materials, recycling waste, managing energy efficiently, conserving water or preserving precious ecosystems, Soneva ticks many of the Sustainable Development Goals boxes. Even better, with a strong belief in hiring locally, buying local products and championing sustainable business practices, Soneva takes everything a step further by encouraging guests to be just as planet-conscious as they are.

Positive Luxury Brands That Care Sustainable Development Goals UN Day

Carefully designed to minimise energy use, Soneva Fushi’s In The Garden Restaurant serves delicious, local food | Photo Credit: Soneva

Davy J

Every year, an average of 640,ooo tonnes of fishing nets are left as marine litter. Taking the commitment to responsible consumption and production seriously, Davy J’s first collection of ultra-wearable, performance-driven swimwear uses 100% regenerated nylon yarn from waste. The yarn is sourced from spent and ghost fishing nets collected from oceans. Davy J’s innovative material is helping clean up our oceans, actively contributing to the commitment to conserve and protect life below water.

Davy J creates its high-performance swimwear from recycled fishing net yarn | Photo Credit: Davy J

Davy J creates its high-performance swimwear from recycled fishing net yarn | Photo Credit: Davy J

Highland Partners

Offering more than just luxury real estate, Highland Partners is dedicated to supporting the communities in which they do business. Positively supporting the Sustainable Cities and Communities Goal, this boutique agency encourages staff to volunteer with their chosen community charities each year. Overall, Highland Partners provides volunteers to fifty different programs, including international schools, hospitals and community agencies.

Positive Luxury Brands That Care Sustainable Development Goals Highland Partners

Highland Partners staff supporting the Give Back Homes Oakland Build | Photo Credit: Highland Partners

Mayshad Paris

Based out of Paris, handbag designer Nezha Alaoui established Mayshad Paris with a clear message. Mayshad strong believes in creating opportunities for young girls and women to live freely and happily. A huge proponent of gender equality, she designs her collections to inspire women in their pursuit of success. Ensuring equal opportunities in employment, the handmade creations are a beautiful statement of empowerment for women.  

Positive Luxury Brands That Care Sustainable Development Goals UN Day

Mayshad Paris designer, Nezha Alaoui, believes in building a fashion brand that empowers women and young girls | Photo Credit: Mayshad Paris

Song Saa Foundation

The Song Saa Collective works towards achieving and exceeding the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in numerous ways. In 2013, they established the Song Saa Foundation to help protect the habitats of the Koh Rong Archipelago, Cambodia and to improve the welfare of its communities. Having since grown to become a preeminent coastal marine NGO, their important work includes saving marine turtles, providing medical care, launching education programmes for local children and adults alike, and pioneering renewable solutions, Song Saa’s commitment to the UN’s Goals have had a huge impact on the local community.

Positive Luxury Sustainable Development Goals Song Saa

In the classroom with Song Saa Foundation’s education programme | Photo Credit: Song Saa

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