Twelve Ways to Spend 60 minutes

Positive Luxury Blog 12 tips for time management

It’s easy to feel like once work, commuting, eating and sleeping is done, there’s barely time to achieve anything else. But these little tricks and time management hacks – all of which fit in under an hour – will help make the most of your working day, and boost the quality of your downtime and your bedtime. 

Positive Luxury Blog 12 tips for time management

Put your phone in flight mode

We spend too much time glued to our phones. Give your brain a break and have an internet-free hour each day.

Stash a book in your bag

Soak up some of that dead time on your commute by dipping into a classic or a motivational book.

Take a soak

Half an hour in a hot bath can soothe away a multitude of stresses. Add a few drops of Alexandra Soveral’s Workaholic’s Blend oil to moisturise at the same time.

Positive Luxury Blog Time Management Tips Soveral

One hour batch cooking on a Sunday = many hours relaxing in the week

There’s nothing better on a Monday night than having something ready to go as soon as you get home.

Phone a friend

WhatsApp and Instagram are great, but nothing beats actually talking to someone.

Spend far less than an hour meditating

…because no-one is going to be able to meditate for an hour straight off the bat. But just five minutes of a quiet mind and an awareness of how your body is doing can work wonders for your health.

Automate some of your work

Set up online food shopping, add rules to your emails…it sounds dull, but you will save hours and a lot of repetitiveness over time.

Stream a workout

You can easily get in a workout in under an hour if you don’t leave your home. Try Ballet Beautiful’s online classes, an NYC-based studio favoured by Victoria’s Secret models.

Positive Luxury Time Management Ballet Beautiful

A firm favourite of Victoria’s Secret model, Stella Maxwell, fit your workout in by streaming a Ballet Beautiful session | Photo Credit: Ballet Beautiful


An hour of your time can make a massive difference to someone else’s entire life. Looking for a longer-term volunteering commitment? The Song Saa Foundation‘s marine conservation programme might be for you. 

Have a wardrobe declutter

Spend 60 minutes pulling out clothes you no longer wear. Donate or sell them and spend the rest of the season with a streamlined, edited wardrobe.

Spend 10 minutes planning your day

Take 10 minutes first thing to think about the tasks you want to achieve that day. It’ll start your day on a positive, focused note.

Saying no

Your time is precious. By spending a few minutes graciously saying no to things which don’t feel right for you, you instantly win back hours of time you can spend doing things which do matter.

Why not use some of your new found time reading up on the Brands That Care working towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals? 

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