5 Instagrammers Using Their Voice For Good

With the growth spurt of the internet, came a purposeful platform for those to speak out. Alongside the street style, the tips and reflections on this crazy ride we call life, developed a place where people can inspire. And that’s exactly what these bloggers do; using their little corner of the worldwide web to shout about matters that matter to them.

Credit: Instagram @sustainablystylish



Garnering over 10k followers on Instagram, US-based blogger Tania of Sustainably Stylish works to raise awareness of ethical fashion and world issues such as child trafficking. An advocate for UNICEF, she’s just as likely to post a street style image as she is about modern-day slavery, hosting events to promote the causes that matter to her. At 34, her casual sartorial choices are not indicative of her attitude, as she takes ethical shopping very seriously: “Being conscious to me means caring about more than yourself and your bubble”.


Credit: Instagram @hannahbronfman



DJ, social entrepreneur, fitness guru and Instagram star. There’s nothing Hannah Bronfman can’t do when she puts her mind to it – and even Adidas have taken notice, making her one of their Global Ambassadors. Challenging people to keep fit and live a positive life, she preaches wellness with intention – plus, it helps that she’s super stylish and serves up some serious wanderlust too.


Credit: Instagram @sustainablychic



With a focus on curating the ultimate eco-conscious wardrobe, Natalie Kay’s blog is bursting with tricks to styling yourself ethically. With a ‘Brands to Love’ section and dedicated must-have lists, Kay is the girlboss that isn’t going anywhere, saying: “I have an extensive background in fashion, but I decided many years ago I did not want to stay in the industry unless I was changing the way business was done.”


Credit: Instagram @leotielovely



If you’re searching for wellness advice with a side of interior inspo, then Holly Rose is your go-to. Her blog is an ‘ever-evolving guide to living consciously’, inspired by her love for nature and Canadian heritage. Blending features on how to create a balanced, eco-friendly morning routine with beautiful snippets of her bohemian lifestyle, we particularly love her eco guides to cities.


Credit: Instagram @sustainabilityiscool



Monika Poppy lends some glamour to sustainability, proving that fashion can coexist with responsibility. Especially interested in raising awareness of the obligation we have to our oceans, she also points us in the direction of eco-friendly sections of brands you might already love. A rising Instagram influencer, her over 9k following and ethical values certainly makes her one to watch.


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