A Royal Fanfare: Behind House of Garrard’s New Collection

Founded in 1735, House of Garrard is the longest serving jewellery house in the world. It has become iconic for its timeless designs and beautiful craftsmanship that have made it a favourite of the British Royal Family for decades. Following its launch, we explore the brand’s latest collection, Fanfare, and its historical origins.


Garrard’s previous collection as sported by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge 


House of Garrard started life on the corner of Panton St and Haymarket in 1735 and spent the next 190 years in the heart of London’s theatre district. Following a show or the ballet, the high society were invited to balls, often in the style of Venetian masquerades, and it was there between 1735-50 that Frederick the Prince of Wales and his consort sought their post-theatre entertainment. The first patrons of what later became known as Garrard, this royal seal of approval meant that later on as London’s theatre scene thrived, the supper rooms at the Kings Theatre on Haymarket hired silver plates from the jewellery house to serve the buffet; dishes fit for a King.   



This latest collection takes its inspiration from this era, with its richness of decoration of the theatre, and those who attended it. The name ‘Fanfare’ was taken from the ladies accessories in particular, often holding fans with ornamental handles including precious metals, gemstones and mother of pearl. 




But the real gem in the collection is that Garrard adheres to the Kimberley Process, an international certification scheme that regulates the market in rough diamonds and inhibits the trade in conflict diamonds. It also uses strictly Fair trade gold, encouraging fair pay, education and medical care for artisanal miners. Crafted using both traditional and modern techniques yet inspired by the past, this is an exceptional collection to treasure. 

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