In the News: Versace and Furla go fur free



Versace and Furla Go Fur Free

A look from Versace’s Autumn/Winter 2017 collection | Source: InDigital By Reuters March 15, 2018 12:07 MILAN, Italy – Italian fashion house Versace and handbag and accessories maker Furla said they would stop using real fur in their creations, joining a growing list of luxury labels turning their backs on the fur industry.


Socially Responsible Business Can Only Succeed If It Becomes a Movement

Executive Summary What does it take to cause something big about a community to change-something that no one individually has much power over, even something as big as a prevailing mindset? We know what it takes: a social movement. And social movements aren’t only the domain of community organizers and college students.


Adidas sold one million pairs of ocean plastic trainers in 2017

Sportswear giant Adidas has revealed that it sold more than one million pairs of trainers made from 95% ocean plastic last year. Adidas revealed that it had surpassed a target set back in November 2016, to mass-produce and sell one million pairs of shoes that are made using recovered ocean plastics.


Why Swiss luxury watchmakers need to woo millennials in the digital space – and soon

On the set of the World World II movie Fury, Logan Lerman, the youngest member of the cast, was given a watch to track various activities during the film’s rehearsals. Brad Pitt, the star of the 2014 movie, said one day Lerman returned and told him the watch had stopped.


UK celebrities sign letter urging ban of fur imports

News industry : Some of the UK’s biggest celebrity stars have joined a campaign urging PM Theresa May to introduce a UK ban on animal fur imports, a decision that would essentially end the sale of real fur in Britain. (#957533)


How the youngest generation is redefining work

Dan Miller is a 19-year-old business student in London. He’s also the CEO of a social media company that aims to reach five million young Brits by 2022. Called Young Professionals UK, it is currently available at over 400 schools and universities in the UK.



Jaden Smith Partners With G-Star Raw on Sustainable Denim Collection

Following on the heels of its ” Most Sustainable Denim Ever” release, G-Star Raw is preparing to launch more sustainable denim for Fall 2018, this time in partnership with Jaden Smith. The multi-hyphenate teen says he first became interested in the brand because of Pharrell’s involvement with it.



‘Vintage chocolate’ aged in whisky and Cognac barrels on sale for almost $400 feat. To’ak Chocolate

The chocolate bars, which form part of the producer’s ‘vintage’ collection, arrive packaged in a Spanish elm box complete with wooden tasting utensils. The company sources its cacao beans from just 322 trees belonging to the ancient Nacional species, which was thought to be extinct until 2009, when To’ak co-founders, Jerry Toth and Carl Schweizer, and harvest master Servio Pachard, found a grove of the trees in Ecuador’s Piedra de Plata valley.



Joanna Dai: the banker who created a suit that’s as comfy as your yoga kit

Joanna Dai was on a plane when she had her eureka moment. An investment banker in the City, she had been up since 4.30 that morning to catch a flight to Sweden. Fifteen hours of back-to-back business meetings later, she was on the flight home to London.

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Handbags with art at their heart feat. Gabriela Hearst

From Elsa Schiaparelli’s surrealist 1930s collaborations with Dalí to Yves Saint Laurent’s de stijl dresses in the 1960s, fashion has always rubbed shoulders with art and cultural movements. Over the past decade, these worlds have forged a closer connection – with the rise of vast luxury brand-funded cultural projects like Fondation Louis Vuitton and Fondazione Prada, and artists of note creating permanent installations for fashion flagships.



Everything you need to know about organic beauty feat. Weleda

skip to main content Stylist logo Open site navigation Close site navigation Copyright © 2010-2018 Stylist Organics have spread from the grocery aisle to our beauty cabinets, finds Joanna McGarry When an 8am barre class followed by smashed avocado on chia toast has more appeal than a hungover fry-up, you know you’ve got the healthy-eating bug.

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