In the News: Survival of the fittest in the luxury digital economy

IN THE NEWS 1 Survival of the fittest in the luxury digital economy Much has been written about Darwin’s theory of natural selection, refuted in certain countries on religious grounds. Consulting firm McKinsey hasn’t yet investigated evolutionary theory, but has… Continue Reading

In the News: Can upcycling really help the oceans?

1 Apple’s Supply Chain Attracts Criticism For Performance But Also Praise For Sustainability Two recent studies report varying performance levels in Apple’s supply chain. Bloomberg argue that it’s lost its mojo, but Greenpeace rates the tech giant as a sustainability… Continue Reading

Storm Keating’s Positive Christmas Picks

Storm Keating, Positive Luxury’s Brand Ambassador, knows a thing or two about getting Christmassy. That’s why we asked her to select the items she would most love to receive for Christmas from Positive Luxury’s brands to trust. Continue Reading