Ikigai: Exploring The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

Pronounced ‘ick-e-guy’, Ikigai is the Japanese notion of finding your reason to peel back your duvet and leap out of bed in the morning. With millions of people already feeling its benefits, ikigai can help you discover your passions and… Continue Reading


2018 is a particularly special year for women, as the 100th anniversary of the vote approaches, and on 8th March we celebrate International Women’s Day. It aims to push forward the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and… Continue Reading

Delectable Delights: Sustainable Easter Treats

Chocolate needn’t be a guilty pleasure. We’ve picked out our favourite artisan and sustainable brands to ensure that your Easter treats are free from the bad stuff and have a positive impact on the people that make them.   For… Continue Reading

My Positive Life…The Lissome

Positive Luxury talks to Dörte Lange of the online sustainable fashion platform Lissome to hear how the inspiration for the platform came about and what actions she takes to live a positive life.   What is The Lissome and how did it… Continue Reading