Quinton Fortune’s Latest Project Proves Football Is More Than Just A Game

When we catch up with former professional footballer Quinton Fortune he is settling his 10-month old son Zion, who has just woken up. “I appreciate sleeping a lot more!” he says laughing, “I’m taking on daddy duties while mummy is… Continue Reading

Ikigai: Exploring The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

Pronounced ‘ick-e-guy’, Ikigai is the Japanese notion of finding your reason to peel back your duvet and leap out of bed in the morning. With millions of people already feeling its benefits, ikigai can help you discover your passions and… Continue Reading

Fashionable Influence: In Conversation with Tatyana Lafotka

Hailing from Estonia and based in Glasgow, Tatyana Bugayeva has quickly risen to fame in the style stakes. Blogging at LA FOTKA since 2013, she covers all things fashion, travel and health that has seen her creative corner turn into… Continue Reading

Team Spirit: How These Companies Foster Positivity In Sport

Whether you only exercise when you’re running for a train, are a three-times-a-week gym goer or are mid-training for your fifth half marathon, we all have a relationship with sport. Up until recently, sport and exercise have traditionally been viewed as… Continue Reading

Too Good To Go: Simple Ways To Reduce Food Waste

Food waste

Did you know that we waste 1.3 billion tonnes of food each year? That’s enough to feed three billion people – almost half the earth’s population. With this statistic in mind, we’ve been thinking about clever ways to reduce our contribution… Continue Reading